It’s that time of year

The air is starting to have that crispness to it that shocks the nose, the beers are getting darker and heavier, and the webcams are starting to show some white.

Crystal Mountain webcam

Stevens Pass webcam

Mt Hood Meadows webcam


I do a post like this every year.  Inevitably a day or two later it’ll just look like a wet drizzly fall up there, no snow.  If so, use your imagination as needed.

Split Life: Silverton Trailer

The homeys over at Split Life (www coming Nov 1) dropped their ‘Silverton’ trailer. It’s got a grassroots feel to it, between the early 90s non-white balanced/color corrected vibe and font that reminds me of some 90s board (and also my old touring partner’s Volkl Gotamas…can’t quite place the board though, some 90s Burton I think). Curious to see the full length and what other spots they hit.

Anyways, check it out and follow Geoff and the gang on the vimeos and instas.

Split Life Silverton Trailer from Split Life on Vimeo.

What would you do

If you had heard rumors of ‘outdoors stuff’ and one day found yourself shopping at a store that creates stuff that looks like stuff similar to what folks doing ‘outdoors stuff’ would wear? Further, what would you do if the marketing dinks at said company of outdoors looking stuff decided that to justify their existence with weird vaporware statistics like ‘views’ and ‘engagement’ came up with an idea to thrust you into the throes of a not really outdoorsy experience to see if you could grab a jacket that would not really do anything for you outside of make your consumerism dream of the moment come true? Welp, a few folks were faced with just that there conundrum in the video below.

VIDEO: “Farmer’s Rap”

This neglected bloggish site needs an AED to get ‘er pulse going again. Between summertime, workish stuff and just not giving a damn to talk about snowboarding until after my birthday it’s been a ghost town around these parts. Let’s get ‘er going again with Shawn Farmer’s classic rap from Critical Condition and some bonus Vice footage.

VIDEO: Backcountry – North Island Trailer

I’d never heard of Gin-Clear Media until today. I like gin, I like gin clear rivers, and I like this trailer.

Backcountry – North Island Official Trailer from Gin Clear Media on Vimeo.

Win a Grand Truck backpacking stool

Yup, blog has pretty much gone from neglected to self-serving spam the past few days.

The latest one is a giveaway the fine folks at Tahoe Mountain Sports are running. They are giving away a Grand Trunk collapsible backpacking stool and all you have to do to be entered to win is reply to their tweet below. It’s easy and free so what are you waiting for?

Half price gift cards

Want a $25 gift card for only $12.50? Well click on the reply arrow below and type the hashtag #BCGiftcard and your wants can become your haves.

Full disclosure: This is powered by the new hotness I’ve been working on with @alexduff1.

Jeremy Jones ‘Higher’ Official Trailer

Deeper, Further, Higher. This is Jeremy’s “The Return of the Shredi”, subbing ski boards for lightsabers and mountains for Vader, and the last in his series of self-powered** shred flicks.

My kids need to see people living life and, like, drinking life up as much as possible.” With the overxboxed/internetted kids these days you can’t argue with that.

**Once you’ve blown thousands of gallons of Jet A for your planes and helis and gas for your sleds

Win $10 REI gift card

We’re doing some live testing for my latest startup and need your help! As we’re not above blackmail we’re giving away a $10 REI gift card to one lucky tester. All you have to do to help out and be entered is tweet #poormansheli to @poormansheli to be entered (or reply #poormansheli to the embedded tweet below). That’s it! We’re trying to make sure our live servers are getting all the data we think they should be. Make sure you tweet ONLY the hashtag to be entered.


Just Say No

No…just no.