No Venture Snowboards This Year :(

Just received the below email from Venture Snowboards, and their homepage has the same copy. Venture will – wow, still shocked here – NOT be delivering any boards to market for 2015-16. Not sure if this is a reflection of the difficulty of bringing a US made product to a market that the giant offshore producers have gotten into, using their economies of scale to turn the splitboard market into a race to the bottom or something else is at play. Seems late in the year for this email if it was a supply or manpower issue, and seems like they were the cleanest company in the biz so can’t see them being shut down by the EPA or similar. Maybe the whole ‘artisan movement’ has missed the snowboard scene altogether and they just lacked orders. Seems unlikely, their boards were loved by pretty much all.

First it’s our local shops, now it’s our manufacturers. After last winter are the resorts next?


Is serious, until it isn’t.

PNW Summer Evenings

Don’t suck


How I Felt This Winter

If the chair were mother nature and the selfie guy me. Blah.

On the bright side camping is still rad.


Jamie Lynn & The Art of Living

Jamie Lynn is a Northwest legend from the time back when snowboarders had their own individual style. Hard to believe that there was a time where snowboarding wasn’t just a bunch of spinnyflippy clones only distinguishable by their pro model jackets, but like dinosaurs it existed. Jamie lynn is one of the most stylish motherfuckers of all-time, the world could use a few of him.

JAMIE LYNN & the art of living from Snowboard Magazine on Vimeo.

P.S. I will trade my left pinky finger for an original piece of his art. If anybody needs a pinky holllaaaaa!

VIDEO: ETT Breakfast Board

The fine folks at Signal Snowboards are back at it with another Every Third Thursday. Eating is cool and all but call me when they have a kegerator board.

Keg sled from Justin H on Vimeo.

Whiny bitch

Some folks just deserve a good asswhoopin’.  This guy here is one of them. Love the (daughter, thought I heard her say it’s her dad?) telling the guy recording “don’t you have anything better to do?”

“You guys ought to be ashamed of yourself” says the man going off like a three year old.

America! Freedom! Only a matter of time til whiny guy gets a lawyer involved.


VIDEO: Cody Townsend’s “Most Insane Ski Line Ever”

First thought after watching this vid:  Man, he must have been amped to hit that, forgot to transition into board mode.

2nd thought, the obvious “HOLY FUCKING SHIT!”

Can you go as fast as you can, straight, for 200 yards?  Sure.  300?  Sure.  500?  Sure.  Now try going as fast as you can, straight, with gnarled rock walls within inches of each shoulder.  It takes a special kind of crazy.



Amazing they were able to get the heli off the ground with his big brass balls in it.



Gifts for Riders: Super Happy Wax Hot Wax Kit

The retail machine is doing it’s best to move Christmas into early November. I’m not sure if they realize that offering Black Friday deals in early November doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll make more money but likely means they’ll just shift their revenue from December to November. WHY CAN’T WE HIT OUR DECEMBER PLAN? Of course this is from the viewpoint of a fiscally responsible individual, something rare in this day and age. I’m sure if I was the usual D.R.E.A.M.** consumer I’d say fuck it and just leverage myself and spend moremoremore. But I digress.

Anyways, I got an email the other day from a random asking me for gift ideas for the snowboarder/skier on their list. Conveniently enough I got an email from the homey Erik at Super Happy Wax announcing his new wax kits were available. Fate or coincidence?

Erik has put together three different kits to get your base lube on, the Basic, Deluxe and Ultimate, shown from top to bottom below. The kits he’s assembled are a great value. Compare his Deluxe kit to the Swix Alpine Glide Wax kit you’ll see that you’ll get MORE and have almost $50 leftover for beer.

Superhappywax basic hot wax kit

Superhappywax Deluxe hot wax kit

Superhappywax Ultimate wax kit

**Debt Rules Everything Around Me

Bonus Wu-Tang vid

UTVUnderground XP1K2

If the number of times I’ve been forwarded this is any indicator this vid is going to prove to be the biggest internet hit since Two Girls One Cup.

3:08 in? Mind blowing.
3:27 in? Still mind blowing.

I will never look at side-by-sides as being limited to fat sloppy Cabelas folks again.