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Just Say No

No…just no.

Star Wars Vans commercial

Your favorite space movies meet your favorite checkerboard shoes in a classic commercial.

The truth hurts



Yup, using that term hover in a Jenna Jameson-esque (read as: loose) way there. If rollerblading, SUPing and wakeboarding all got drunk and ‘experimented’ that one time in college this is what I’d imagine the offspring would look like.

And the >>real<< hoverboard

Want your own? While ‘YMCA’ is on the dance floor will be full and the bar empty so pony up to the bar and get yourself a banana daiquiri here.

30 Second Mental Vacation

If your average picture is worth 1000 words this one has to be at least 10x that. Just looking at it I can feel the blistering hot vinyl seats and the suffocating combo of no AC and small interior volume. I can smell the mix of old vinyl mingling with burning oil that, based on anecdotal research, were OG VW OEM. I can feel the excitement that comes with the first glimpse of the ocean in the distance and taste the post-drive cerveza (with lime, cuz you’re in Mexico dammit).

Anyways, back to work you slacker.

Jumping the (great white) Shark

1)  Always spot your landing

2)  I would have let out a Spy Hunter-esque ‘brown oil screen’ to hide my appearance as I Michael Phelpsed my way back to shore.

Holy shit indeed Mr. Aussie, holy shit indeed.


Secret Lake

Even though the WA trout opener isn’t for another week there are some spots that are already open.  I noticed a blue spot on the map when splitting a very unorthodox spot this winter and last weekend figured I should head up there and check out the blue spot, see what surprises it held.

The directions to the lake are pretty simple. You drive until your car gets stuck, then you park on the side of the road and bushwhack ~600′ vert in 1/4 mile.  The getting stuck piece is key as the map isn’t to scale and if the snow wasn’t there you’d just pass on by your entry point without ever knowing it.


Proper footwear is key when pushing stuck vehicles.


The bushwhack to Secret Lake is steep, but otherwise not too bad.  A couple downed trees across the way but that keeps the redneckery low.


Downed trees = opportunity, letting you go over waterfalls rather than hiking back up a couple hundred vert to go around.


80 in the city?  45 with 30′ viz at the lake.




and 5 hours later, lifted


My body is a temple


Secret Lake had the brightest (and pickiest, usually these high lake trout aren’t finicky) brookies I’ve ever seen!  Craaazy burning red orange bellies that photos can’t do justice to.

etc. repeat


The dry action was slow, most success came on large bastard child ‘ant’ patterns and Chernobyl ants.  The slowly stripped nymph/mid game resulted in more hookups, albeit typically resulted in smaller fish.  Big food source/big fish thing going on I guess.

Anyways, statewide opener is next weekend AND it’s free fishing weekend so get off the beaten path and find your own ‘secret’ lake if you’re looking to avoid crowds.


VIDEO: Lib Legs 2013

Damn.  Skating these days is just stupid rad.

Lib Legs 2013 (the movie) from Lib Tech on Vimeo.

Juan Pelota

No EPO, lots of LOL.

Lance Armstrong plays Cards Against Humanity